Why I did a skydive for IFAW – and why you should, too!

Experience the thrill of a skydive while raising money for animals

I’ve abseiled, bungee jumped, walked on broken glass and hot coals and even run a marathon, but number one on my bucket list has always been to do a skydive – especially for a cause I believe in.

That’s why, on an overcast Saturday afternoon in July, I found myself at an airfield with four friends, preparing to conquer my nerves and jump out of a plane to raise money for animals. IFAW's partnership with Skyline means that, if you pledge to raise a certain amount in sponsorship, you can do a tandem jump for free.

We all bundled into the small plane and sat on the floor, along with Jeff who I would be harnessed to for my jump. Squashed into the tiny space, we sped up the runway and took off into the sky. Jeff opened the plane door, and a whoosh of air came in as the sound of the roaring engine hit my ears. This was the moment I’d been dreaming of for so many years.

Getting ready to take the plunge...

Those first few seconds of tumbling through the sky were a complete sensory overload. The sight of the plane above us turning into a small dot. The feel and sound of the wind rushing past my face and the fact that the clouds were below me instead of above me. For a split second, I had no idea which way up we were. It felt like we were still and everything around us was moving. 

After about 40 seconds of incredible freefall there was a sudden jolt as our parachute opened. The change was dramatic. There was sudden peace as we stopped hurtling through the sky, and instead floated slowly down. The view was beautiful, and I could see the tiny outline of the hangar beneath us. I waved at the people on the ground and saw them waving back. This sense of tranquillity and freedom was even better than the endorphin rush I experienced when we first jumped out of the plane.

The amazing view from the air

As soon as we landed, I shouted “I have GOT to do that again!” I watched my friends fall out of the clouds after me, one by one, like human snowflakes. Everyone had huge grins on their faces as they landed. It was a genuinely unforgettable experience. To this day, I sometimes look up at the sky and think "I've fallen out of that". 

If you'd like to experience this rush for yourself while raising money to help animals all over the world, click here to find your nearest airfield and book your jump, or get in touch with our Supporter Development team on 020 7587 6700 or info-uk@ifaw.org.

We’d also love to discuss any other fundraising ideas you have – from hosting a cake sale to running a marathon, the sky’s the limit!


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