WATCH: Kiki's puppies have started walking and exploring!

Watch this clip of Kiki’s puppies exploring Dr. Flore’s home.

Kiki’s puppies are just about four weeks old now. Their eyes are open and they’ve discovered how to stand up and are taking their first steps. The pups are slowly beginning to move around and explore the world around them – under the watchful eye of mom and Dr. Erika Flores, of course.

This is a critical time for these babies.

They’re starting to get adventurous and explore farther away from the safety of their mother. Had they still been living out on the street, they’d be very vulnerable to all kinds of threats, from vehicular traffic to the elements.

Luckily, they’ve found a safe haven and are free to explore as they please!

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At three weeks of age, the puppies were started on very small amounts of wet food. Into their fourth week, Dr. Erika Flores has begun to give them pieces of kibble soaked in hot water. Now that they’re beginning to eat their first meals, they’ve gained quite a bit of weight. Each puppy weighs around four pounds right now, and is starting to develop their puppy teeth.

As mom begins producing less and less milk, the puppies will be slowly weaned and introduced to larger amounts of high-quality puppy food. They’ve put on a bit of puppy fat under Dr. Flores’ excellent care!

With their newfound locomotive skills, the puppies are beginning to gain some independence from Kiki. Though she’s still hugely important for nutrition and protection, mom is starting to get a bit of a break in her duties. The pups are also starting to play with one another.

We’ll soon be seeing lots of playtime as the pups get even better at moving around!


Be sure to stay tuned as Dr. Flores continues to update us on the progress of these adorable puppies.

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