This is Our World, so let’s make sure we do all we can to protect it!

Last night I had the pleasure of talking at the preview of an amazing art event in Central London, This is Our World. The event was organised by the charity Art World Conservation and IFAW was a lead charity partner. 

Showcasing stunning, enormous paintings by artist Omra Sian, the exhibition in the spectacular Royal Horticultural Society Hall in Westminster, immersed the audience and I into a world of wildlife. 

The artworks gave all of us the opportunity to get up close and personal with species like lions, elephants, giraffes, gorillas, rhinos, sharks and more. All of these species were chosen as subjects as they are all endangered in their own ways, be it through poaching, habitat loss, overfishing or otherwise. The artist spent over 10 years completing the series of works and this was the first time they’d ever been hung together. What a spectacular sight!

As well as IFAW there were speakers from the Born Free Foundation, Wildlife SOS and Ol Pejeta Conservancy. All talked about the struggles that our global wildlife faces, but all gave hope that we can reverse the trend - but things must change and they must change soon! It was also a chance to catch up with some of our valued supporters, friends and colleagues from within the animal protection and conservation movement. An auction was held for the sale of some exclusive, one-off prints from the collection in aid of IFAW and other charities, and our lots achieved over £2000, under the amazing auctioneering of TV Auctioneer, James Lewis.

The issues and the solutions were so close to my heart. At IFAW our range of conservation, rescue and wildlife crime programmes all deliver a holistic and effective approach to saving wildlife. Our work with local communities in range states, our demand reduction and education work, and our campaigning and lobbying work, all makes impact across the globe. 

Everyone in the room was united that we must stand firm against this continued abuse of our planet's wildlife, and all seem to thoroughly enjoy this novel way to engage and motivate audiences. The size, scale and immersive nature of the artworks really helped spread the message that wildlife needs our help.  

The exhibition is a definite must-see. It’s free, open late and on for three weeks from 4th to 25th August, so there's no excuse to not take a look if you can get to London. You can learn more about the event here and there’s also a whole host of talks from a variety of conservation experts throughout the period. Full details are on the website. From IFAW, Sharon Livermore, our marine expert will be speaking on August 9th between 6pm -7pm and David Cowdrey, our wildlife crime expert will be talking on August 21st at the same time. The talks are free and you don’t need a ticket or to register in advance.

The event is being held here: Royal Horticultural Halls, Greycoat Street, London SW1P 2QD. I strongly recommend it! 


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