TENBOMA FIELD REPORT: New gear to help prosecutions

The new kits can really make a difference.  TenBoma’s Tusker team based in Voi, Kenya distributed an initial ‘first-of-its-kind’ customized tech kit to Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) Investigations team.

The unit has immediate plans for incorporating all the gear with more than a dozen wildlife crime operations they want to launch in coordination with tenBoma over the next couple weeks and months.

Our team will be intimately involved to facilitate training, integration, incorporation and long-term ownership of the gear/processes.    

These kits will help KWS more efficiently collect crime scene evidence and sensitive technical information from suspects, better facilitate witness interviews and suspect interrogations as well as assisting the teams more effectively present legal cases against wildlife criminals at the Voi Law Court. 

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As per tenBoma Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), all of the equipment, processes and other enablers comes with customized, repetitive and increasingly complex training modules and legacy training manual archive.

A few of the items in our customized kit included:  

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with ruggedized case which will serve as our field-ready information processing centerpoint.
  • High-tech Camera to allow GPS-tagged photos to be taken at scene of Crime which are admissible in court and can assist with follow-on intelligence and investigations activities.
  • Smartphones equipped with special investigation collection ‘apps’
  • Overhead Projector intended for use by Investigations officers who must build and present digital evidence in court
  • Sensitive technical information collection software package to enable real-time exploitation at the scene of arrest/crime.
  • tenBoma formatted interrogation, interview, witness statement shells (Provides step-by-step process)
  • tenBoma training and quick-reference guides: Basic Crime Scene management, Basic Crime Scene photography, Basic Interrogation/interviews and Basic reports writing.

It was great to hear the team tell us things like ‘this will make our jobs so much easier now’, ‘I can’t wait to use this!’ and ‘the tenBoma guys really listen to us’.  We were even told by the KWS leadership that tenBoma providing even just this simple equipment and training will help them out in the field tremendously but just as importantly, it’d also be really good for team morale.

In later discussions it was made clear to me that the KWS Investigation teams has never just received solid, usable kit like this – but that it’s always been a one-off, donated but licensed proprietary software, or even just piecemeal items. 

We’re sure that these kits can really make a difference. 


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