Spotlight Mexico: The dog and cat adoption Super Bowl

Thank you to our rescuers. Their efforts made the difference for 21 animals.I truly enjoy when I see that the community in which we are working is improving the way they deal with dog and cat issues.

A group of independent rescuers contacted us a few weeks ago because they wanted our help. These rescuers usually have three or more dogs or cats under their care, and they really struggle to provide them with veterinary care, sterilization and finding good homes for them.

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It was outstanding to see that even with all the challenges they face, they organized with a common goal: to improve the way they manage their rescues and adoptions. So they requested IFAW’s advice to organize an adoption fair with high animal welfare standards and procedures. 

We have been working in Playa for almost four years now, promoting adequate guardianship of companion animals, and this is the first time I have seen these independent rescuers motivated to improve, and in a way, professionalize their work.

And I have to admit that most of them are really getting there.

After a couple of meetings, getting all the Municipal permits, a press conference, and visiting the local radio station, the adoption fair was held on Sunday February 1st and, since it was the same day as the Super Bowl, we decided to call it the “Adoption Bowl”.

Soccer is, of course, the national sport, but American football is perhaps the second most viewed and followed team sport, so it was a great excuse to gather and enjoy with the family.

During the event, children were able to play in an inflatable jumper, they watched videos (including IFAW’s Animal Action Education Video), a couple of tickets to natural parks were raffled off and a local veterinarian provided advice to all the people who adopted an animal.

A total of 21 animals were adopted (17 dogs and 4 cats), all of them went to a responsible home, all the animals were sterilized, dewormed and in most of the cases had all of their vaccines, the new owners received all the information they needed and signed the adoption papers.

Now the same group is planning on organizing more events like this one in different locations to reach different people and with different themes (I heard the next one will be about Rock and Roll).

I want to congratulate these rescuers because they decided to open themselves to work as a team with other rescuers, and because their effort meant the difference to 21 animals that now have a better life.

Thank you very much!


Learn more about IFAW community efforts for companion animals, visit our campaign page.

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