Spotlight Germany: Could Mrs. Larya afford the care needed to help her dog, Pepsi?

 Mrs. Larya with her dog, Pepsi, post-op.

Shortly before Christmas an especially dramatic case came to IFAW’s vet clinic, which is located at “Tiertafel“ distribution point in Berlin. The association cares about pets of people who have only low financial resources. Here, they can receive food for their four-legged friends. IFAW provides veterinary medical service in exchange for whatever amount people can afford to pay.

Mrs. Larya and her sick dog Pepsi have seen IFAW veterinarian Janine Bräuer regularly during the past months. Mrs. Larya, a pensioner, was really worried because of Pepsi´s critical condition.

A tumor on her back gave no end of trouble to the almost thirteen-year-old dog. For months, the veterinarian observed the growth of the tumor whose size had almost doubled within four weeks. It was clear, the itching caused by the extremely taught skin could hardly be good for Pepsi. If the tumor should rip, this would have been life-threatening for the dog.

Moreover, the old dog suffers from circulation issues in her legs. Because of this, Pepsi was already taking painkillers. The suffering of Mrs. Larya's animal was hard to bear, as she was struggling with the decision whether to have the tumor removed and maybe taking the risk of her dog not coming through the procedure. But in the condition she was in, Pepsi was having a sad dog's life. So Mrs. Larya decided on the risky operation in the end, after detailed consultation with Veterinarian Bräuer, who operated on Pepsi herself.

At the end of a complicated surgery, the 550 grams tumor was removed. Janine decided on a very complex method to keep the wound small to ensure better healing. Luckily everything went well. The relief for Pepsi was enormous, and as Pepsi regained consciousness, she seemed to behave very well. Only a 15 cm long scar now reminds of the dangerous operation.

The veterinarian shared Mrs. Larya´s happiness who will now watch over Pepsi´s recovery in the next few weeks and see the Doctor for follow-up care.

The story of Pepsi shows, how important the work of the IFAW veterinary-project is. Mrs. Larya would have never been able to afford the live-saving operation because of her small pension.

So she only had to contribute a small expense and IFAW paid the rest.

Mrs. Larya was so happy she could spend the holiday season together with her beloved dog.

And this way she possibly had some extra dimes left for some special treats for Pepsi.


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