Satao 2 tusker killing sad reminder elephant poaching crisis not over

Satao 2 was a tusker with extremely long tusks like this elephant in Tsavo National Park.Our tenBoma counter-poaching initiative partner, Tsavo Trust, which operates the Big Tusker Project, confirmed for us the sad news that another iconic tusker named Satao 2 was killed in Tsavo East National Park, Kenya

Satao 2’s carcass was discovered in January during routine aerial surveillance of the park, but Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), another tenBoma partner, has just released the information from its investigation, which resulted in the arrest of a gang of poachers operating in this area.

Satao 2 was named after the well-known tusker, Satao, who was killed in 2014.

Tuskers - elephants with tusks so long they often reach right to the ground - are targeted by poachers and are becoming increasingly rare despite the added protection that KWS and NGOs provide. Some estimate only a handful of mature super-tuskers remain in Tsavo Conservation Area.

Our partners suspect Satao 2 was killed by poison arrow, which results in a particularly long and painful death for an elephant, a sentient creature that we know feels pain and fear and mourns losses. 

Poachers are using poison arrows to avoid detection from increased anti-poaching patrols who would otherwise hear a gun fire. This is why the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and our tenBoma partners are focusing on dismantling the poison arrow poaching networks which support this brutal crime.

You can help IFAW by joining our network to defeat poachers. It takes a network to defeat a network!


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