Upping the pressure for a new puppy protection law

Puppy petition will help ban pet shop sales and end puppy farms

Last month I shared the great news that the Government is considering a ban on selling puppies through pet shops and other third party sellers – something that would hugely improve animal welfare in this country, and help crack down on cruel puppy farms.

Now, you have the chance to get involved again, and help show politicians how much public support there is to make this happen!

Please add your name to this Government e-petition, which we’re supporting along with other campaigns and groups such as Lucy’s Law and Pup Aid.

The government has said they think there ‘is merit’ in exploring a third party ban on puppy sales and we’ll be sending them evidence to support this in the coming weeks. Through our PUPS campaign we’ve been calling for a ban on third party puppy sales for years in order to help the victims of cruel puppy farms - both the mums, forced to give birth to litter after litter in squalid conditions, and their puppies.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us get to this point in the campaign – for all the emails you’ve sent to MPs, the stories you’ve told us, as well as the posts you’ve shared with friends and family on social networks.

Frustratingly, the Government has specifically said it doesn’t want to receive input from individuals in its current call for evidence. But we know it’s still vital to demonstrate how passionately the public feel about this issue, and to keep up the pressure on Defra to follow up their promises to protect animals with real action. That’s where your signatures and social media messages come in!

We’ve seen in the last few months how public support for an issue can really make an impact on political decisions; for example, the recent U-turn on holding a free vote on repealing the Hunting Act, or putting forward a bill to recognise animal sentience.

People power is crucial if we are going to make this ban happen. Together we can make this one of the fastest growing petitions on the government website and send the strongest possible message to Environment Minister Michael Gove. Thank you for your ongoing support!

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NB: We’ve had feedback that the confirmation email for signing the petition is getting caught in lots of people’s junk mail folders. Please make sure you double check after you sign – unless you click the link in your email to confirm, your signature won’t be counted!



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Campaign Manager, Northern Dogs Project
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