New campaign by IFAW partner Seas at Risk

#EmojiOcean: Share your ocean emotion in support of healthy seas

In June this year, IFAW became a member of the Brussels-based group Seas at Risk, an umbrella organisation of environmental NGOs from across Europe. The group comes together to promote ambitious policies for marine protection at both a European and international level. IFAW aims to combine efforts with Seas at Risk towards the common goal of protecting and restoring the marine environment through our particular focus on (1) reducing ocean noise pollution, and (2) developing preventative measures that aim to decrease the risk of collision between whales and ships.

At the European level, underwater noise is recognised as a pollutant in the EU Marine Directive (commonly know as MSFD). Humans have spent the last 100 years pumping more and more noise into the ocean from shipping, seismic testing for oil and gas exploration, naval sonar training, construction and other activities. This has a devastating impact on whales and other marine life, but it can be stopped.

MSFD states that noise pollution must be controlled by Member States to ensure EU waters are environmentally sound by 2020, meaning they must ensure noise levels do not adversely affect the marine environment. Unfortunately, progress has been quite slow thus far. You can learn more about the Marine Directive HERE

IFAW hopes to see greater engagement at the Member-State level in acting on this important issue, and we look forward to a fruitful collaboration with Seas at Risk to help achieve this goal. We therefore welcomed the new campaign that our partner launched during last week's Our Oceans Conference, the biggest marine event of the year which took place in Malta.

The #EmojiOcean campaign – which runs through December 2017 – aims to remind all Member States that effective implementation and greater coordinated efforts are needed as they approach the second implementation cycle of the MSFD. As citizens of the EU, you can sign the petition below to join us in supporting the health of our oceans.

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Brian Sharp, Emergency Relief Officer, Stranding Coordinator
Manager, Marine Mammal Rescue and Research
Dr. Maria (Masha) N. Vorontsova, Senior Advisor to the IFAW Marine Conservation
Senior Advisor to the IFAW Marine Conservation Program
Matt Collis, Director, International Policy
Director, International Policy
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Program Director, Marine Conservation