"Little Dudes" raise funds for animal welfare at hip German art auction

Yet again this was simply a great evening at the Villa Neukölln in Berlin, Germany. Hundreds of curious people were pushing through the crowded room wanting to catch a glimpse of the 100 “Little Dudes”. These little dudes were created by artists from 29 countries – with lots of love and imagination. Not easy at all to find just one little guy which one should  bid on.

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This was  the second time the Australian artist Alexis Bainger, who lives in Berlin these days, organized the Little Dudes auction. She always donates the auction’s proceeds to a non-profit organization, this year to IFAW und Save the Children.

This is the idea: artists from all over the world design individual small figures, the “Dudes”. They give them names and a personality and send them to Berlin – sometimes from very far away.

After a photo-shoot in town (dudes and sights of the city) the big fundraising event was on: the little saviors of the world were looking for adoptive parents. All this took place at a very hip location, complete with DJs and an auctioneer. A win-win situation for everybody involved: the new owners got an addition to their family, and the proceeds went to a good cause.

After a hesitant beginning, people started bidding more resolutely. The whole event lasted quite late, with people bidding, partying, and dancing. In the end the organizers were exhausted and the customers happy.

The Dudes have a new home and we can help animals with the money donated to IFAW!

Thank you, Alexis! And we are looking forward to many more Dude-missions! 


Visit the Little Dude's webpage for photos from the event.

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