IWC Meeting: The South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary Harpooned Again

VIDEO: IFAW’s IWC Team Leader, Matt Collis relates our Delegation’s disappointment at the failure of the South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary proposal to pass with a three quarters majority vote at the 66th IWC meeting in Portorož, Slovenia.
Today, at the second day of plenary meetings at the 66th International Whaling Commission in Portorož, Slovenia, a proposal from Latin American countries to form a South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary again failed to pass with the needed three-quarters majority vote.
At the conclusion of the voting session, Matt Collis, IFAW IWC Team Leader said, 
“It is very disappointing that once again, a proposal for a South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary has been harpooned. A sanctuary in this region would have provided strong protection to a wide range of whale and dolphin species. A victory for this proposal would have sent a clear signal that the IWC is capable of becoming a truly modern day conservation body for whales instead of an old whalers’ club.
“Non-lethal whale research in this area has already provided valuable data on whales and a sanctuary would have built on this further, giving us far more useful and precise information than has ever been gained from so-called scientific whaling.”
Whales inhabiting the South Atlantic include fin, humpback, blue, sei, minke, right, orca and sperm whales.
We expect this issue will be raised again at the 67th International Whaling Commission meeting likely to be held in Brazil in 2018.
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