IFAW Partners with Zodiac Group to Protect Marine Wildlife

Thursday, 4 August, 2005
Yarmouth Port, MA
IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare – www.ifaw.org) and the Zodiac Group today announced that Zodiac will donate cash and equipment to help IFAW protect marine wildlife. The announcement was made at the 8th International Effects of Oil on Wildlife Conference, in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.
“The support we have received from Zodiac has been invaluable in our efforts to save hundreds of oiled seabirds throughout the world and to protect endangered whales. We are gratified by Zodiac’s commitment as a pioneering, responsible company dedicated to actively protecting the environment,” said Dr. Ian Robinson, IFAW Director of Emergency Relief.

The equipment donated by Zodiac includes six transportable pools used to clean birds at oils spills. Also included is a Zodiac inflatable boat that will be used to study Gray whale populations near Russia’s Sakhalin Islands. Zodiac will also support the creation of a training video for whale watching boats and the work of two interns onboard IFAW’s research vessel, Song of the Whale.

IFAW and Zodiac have worked together in recent years helping to clean, treat and release hundreds of oiled seabirds at incidents in Norway and Germany.

“Zodiac is pleased to join IFAW in its work to help save marine animals, to preserve their tranquility, and to promote their study so that we can learn more about them and make young people aware of the vulnerability of these species,” said Myriam Akoun-Brunet of the Zodiac Group.

About the Zodiac Group
The Zodiac Group is a worldwide company with more than 15,000 people dedicated to five business segments: AeroSafety Systems, Aircraft Systems, Airline Equipment, Marine, and Technology. A world leader in many of its markets - including evacuation chutes, aircraft passenger and pilot seats, onboard water and waste systems, aeronautical oxygen systems, onboard electrical systems, inflatable boats, leisure-boating rescue rafts, above-ground swimming pools, and automatic pool cleaners - the Zodiac Group has been learning how man interacts with air, and water for more than a century.

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