Can you be an Animal Ambassador?

We need you!Do you ever wish you could really stand up for animals?

Do you want to do something in addition to signing petitions and letters?

We need you!

Your UK Member of Parliament could be the key to a campaign we are working on, and as it is their job to represent you, they need to hear your views. Did you know that most MPs hold a ‘surgery’ in their constituency on a regular basis, and anyone who lives there can go along and meet them?

You can find out who your MP is here:

If we had a team of people from all over the country, willing to visit their MPs, then we could really make a difference at crucial times when the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s (IFAW) Parliamentary Team is also working to apply pressure at the national level. We wouldn’t expect you to go on a regular basis, just at critical times when your particular MP could really help us protect animals, with a little nudge from an Animal Ambassador like you.

If we need your help to target your MP, and you agree, we will contact you and give you the background on the issue at hand, which will help you to prepare. We will also tell you when and where the MP will be holding their surgery. You might not feel very confident talking to your MP, either because you think they won’t listen, or you think you don’t know enough about the topic, but remember, your MP wants your vote, so they are interested in what you think, and we will make sure you have the information you need. You wouldn’t be representing IFAW, but representing yourself as a citizen in our democracy, and as someone who has a right to expect their MP to listen to them.

Some MPs sit in ‘safe seats’ where they don’t fear they will be voted out in the election. Some MPs, however, only won by a small number of votes, so they are more worried about losing next time; these are called ‘marginal constituencies’. The MPs in these areas are usually really keen to hear the views of their constituents and will often be persuaded not just to change their view, but to take action, to show their constituents that they are working hard for them.

IFAW supporters are absolutely incredible at responding to our campaign requests. For example, after we asked you to send postcards to your MPs, asking them to protect the Hunting Act a few months ago, a huge number of MPs told us their postbags were full. This made a massive difference as, we believe, this forced them to take sides, and in the end the Prime Minister admitted he didn’t have enough support for amending the Act, and had to pull back.

So we can influence MPs via postcards, but what about those MPs who are less reachable? For example, the MPs who sit as Ministers within the Government departments? They are far more difficult to influence. They have so many staff that very often, campaigns don’t even reach their desk, as they are ‘handled’ by others. Writing letters to Ministers can be useful engagement, but it doesn’t often persuade them to change their mind about something.

But whether they are Cabinet Ministers or not, if they are your MP, then you have a right to meet with them, and they will make time for you. So you have a golden ticket to influence, as an Animal Ambassador.

If you live anywhere in the UK we would love to help you become an Animal Ambassador, and you can be involved as much or as little as you like. Will you help us to stand up for animals?

Thank you on behalf of the animals!


If you are interested, please drop me an email:

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