Bali’s first kids dog club reminds us of the bond between children and pets

Dog Club Launch

In Bali, a handful of communities have begun a new tradition of creating local clubs with one purpose; to show their pets honor, respect, and love.

On Christmas Day, our team in Bali (in partnership with the Bali Animal Welfare Association, BAWA) helped the children of Abangar launch a first-of-its-kind kids’ club to celebrate and protect the Bali dog. SABA, or Sekehe Asu Abangan, is a dog club for kids to come together and learn about, honor, and respect their dogs.

At its core, SABA is about celebrating the bond between children and their dogs. The launch of the club was hugely successful – attended by kids, parents and dogs.

The event was a way of saying publicly: “We love our dogs!” and included music, dancing and some veterinary treatments for the canine participants.

The initiation of this unique tradition of honoring Bali dogs through traditional community clubs began several years ago with the formation of BAWA and IFAW’s partnership.

Just like in remote, impoverished communities around the world, many people in Balinese villages lack adequate access to the veterinary resources needed to properly care for their dogs. Dogs suffer from injuries, untreated illnesses and a lack of preventive medicine.

SABA clubs advocate better dog care, and help ensure that all dogs get their veterinary treatments with the help of BAWA’s vets.

The idea of dog clubs in Bali is catching on like wildfire. In fact, a third dog club for adults and their dogs has already been launched. But today, we’re giving a big shout of thanks to the children of Abangan. You inspire us.


Visit our campaign page for more about how IFAW works with communities and their pets around the world.

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