The Big Ivory Surrender

Donate your ivory items to IFAW and help us end the UK’s ivory trade and protect elephants.

We called on the British public to show their support for an ivory trade ban by surrendering unwanted ivory items to IFAW and received an overwhelming response. Almost 500 ivory items, weighing around 150kgs in total, were donated in just a few months. These varied from small trinkets and carvings, to huge tusks of raw ivory. Many of our supporters also shared fascinating stories of how these items came into their possession.

Every piece of ivory represents an elephant who was shot or poisoned for their tusks. 95% of the British public have told us they wouldn’t want to buy ivory, and we know that many people now feel uncomfortable owning tusks, carvings or trinkets made from ivory.

Although the Big Ivory Surrender has officially ended, we're still happy to receive unwanted ivory items from members of the public, and will work with our contacts in law enforcement agencies to responsibly dispose of them.

Whether you inherited something made from ivory, purchased it by accident or simply found it lurking it in your attic, send your ivory to us (no questions asked!) and we will dispose of it safely – either by working with the police to destroy it, or using it to educate more people about the ivory trade and why it must end.

Take part in the Big Ivory Surrender and you can:

  1. Send a message that ivory is only beautiful on a living elephant
  2. Raise awareness about the slaughter of at least 20,000 elephants a year happening in Africa right now
  3. Put pressure on politicians to ban the UK ivory trade once and for all
  4. Safely dispose of unwanted ivory and make sure it never returns to the market

There are large amounts of ivory still in the UK, much of it dating from the British Empire, when colonialists hunted and killed hundreds and thousands of elephants. And when these items are exported (often illegally) to countries such as Singapore and Vietnam, they contribute to increasing the demand for ivory in these countries, which it turn creates more incentives for poachers to kill elephants. What’s more, the legal ivory trade can provide a cover for criminals to sell ivory from elephants who have been killed recently.

If we want to see the ivory trade banned across Asia, we must do our part in the UK, too. We’re campaigning for a UK ivory ban, and we want to make some noise to make sure elephants get the protection they deserve.

How to take part in the Big Ivory Surrender

You can post your ivory items to:

Campaigns Department
International Fund for Animal Welfare
87-90 Albert Embankment
London, SE1 7UD

Please include your contact details along with your item. If you’re happy to share more details, we would also love to hear the story behind your ivory item, such as how it came into your family and why you’ve chosen to send it to us.

Please get in touch if you have any particularly large items that you would like to send, for example, whole tusks, as we may be able to help with secure transport. Email or call 020 7587 6700.

The items that you send will either be safely destroyed, or used for educational and awareness-raising activities.

All the ivory we receive will be stored in a secure off-site location, in collaboration with law enforcement agencies.

Spread the word

Even if you don’t have any ivory at home, you can still help us spread the word about our ivory surrender, and encourage anyone you know with ivory to surrender it.

  • Tweet your support using the hashtag #BigIvorySurrender
  • Share information about the ivory surrender on social media:

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  • Print out this poster and ask if you can display it in any local antique shops, markets or shopping centres in your local area.