Vassili Papastavrou, IFAW Biologist

Vassili Papastavrou

IFAW Biologist

Vassili is a whale biologist on the IFAW Whale team.  He has studied sperm whales in the Indian Ocean, the Azores, the Galapagos Islands and the Southern Ocean. 

The research was conducted using sailing vessels and acoustics to find and follow groups of animals. He helped set up a whale watching project (and designing scientific research that could be conducted around the project) based on the island of Mull in Scotland which focused on minke whales and has been involved in the development and appropriate management of whale watching around the world. 

He has published papers on the feeding ecology and diving behaviour of sperm whales, minke whale distribution, many aspects of sustainability and the animal welfare implications of Japan’s ‘scientific whaling’.

Vassili has attended the meetings of the International Whaling Commission since 1994 as a representative of the International Fund for Animal Welfare.