Erica Martin, Vice President of Communications

Erica Martin

Vice President of Communications (2004-2017)


As Vice President of Communications, Erica led a talented global communications team in helping achieve IFAW’s animal welfare mission by educating and engaging the public in our campaigns and lobbying policymakers to support animal protection.

In addition, Erica led the development of a global communications strategy that highlights IFAW’s international expertise on key program areas, promoted our expertise to media, encouraged staff and supporters to become ambassadors for the IFAW brand and our animal welfare programmes.

As part of the Executive Management Team, Erica played an instrumental role in improving organizational effectiveness by integrating communications initiatives with country office, programme and fundraising activities to maintain IFAW’s position as the leading international animal welfare organisation caring for individual animals, protecting species and habitats.

Erica brought in-depth experience with several of IFAW’s priority campaigns to our Executive Management Team. As Communications Director for IFAW Canada, Erica was on the front line of IFAW’s founding campaign, ending the commercial seal hunt in Canada.

As head of IFAW’s Oceania office, Erica and her team played a central role in IFAW’s global campaign to stop Japanese whaling. Under her leadership, IFAW Oceania  provided a series of recommendations to the Australian government, which resulted in Australia filing a case challenging the legality of Japanese whaling with the International Court of Justice in 2010. Erica also served as consultant to the Australian government on the development of their Animal Welfare Strategy.

Within Australia, Erica and her team significantly improved conditions for captive elephants at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo and the Melbourne Zoo, working with other animal welfare organisations through the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. She also ensured IFAW was able to provide care for companion animals and wildlife following a number of natural and man-made disasters.


  • Director, IFAW Oceania
  • Communications Manager, IFAW Canada
  • Communications Manager, IFAW Oceania
  • Member, Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)
  • Speechwriter, Australian Government Ministers
  • Public Affairs Director, National Office for the Information Economy, Australia
  • Communications Director, Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, Australian Government
  • Public Affairs Manager for Western Australia, Australian Red Cross


Bachelor of Arts (BA/Hons) Degree, Journalism, Curtin University of Technology, Australia