Meredith Whitney, Program Officer, Wildlife Rescue

Meredith Whitney

Program Officer, Wildlife Rescue

As Wildlife Rescue Program Officer, Meredith focuses on improving capacity of big cat sanctuaries and ending private ownership of big cats in the US; supporting international wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and release programs; and investigating welfare issues for wildlife in illegal trade.

Meredith has performed conservation field work in the US and abroad, working to rescue frogs in Panama, document rare turtle populations in Maryland; and to collect data on crocodile populations in Costa Rica.


Herpetology Collections and Conservation Manager, The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

Chief of Environmental Compliance, Yokota Air Force Base, Japan

Community Liaison Officer, US Embassy Port-au-Prince, Haiti


Master of Science, Environmental Science, Indiana University Bloomington

Bachelor of Science, Evolutionary Biology, Mount Holyoke College


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Scientific Consultant:

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