Jose Louies

Head - Enforcement Assistance & Law Division, Wildlife Trust of India

Jose joined IFAW-WTI in 2007 as website manager but within a year moved to the Enforcement Assistance and Law Division which he currently heads. The division trains and equips frontline forest guards across India and Bhutan and also assists law enforcement agencies from both countries in wildlife crime investigations which often involve covert operations in the field that last for months. He and his team have been involved in more than 150 such operations which have recovered tiger, leopard, elephant and bear products, live wildlife and have resulted in the disruption of major trade gangs in India and Nepal. The team’s legal support division engages in legal battles in trial courts and policy-level cases and also operates a unique supplementary accident-insurance scheme for frontline forest guards in India.

Jose Louies’s passion for wildlife conservation has been clear throughout his life. When not dealing with wildlife crime and criminals, he prefers to walk around the forest in search of bees and snakes. He is a founder of the Indian snakes website ( and a member of the IUCN Viper Specialist Group.