Jan Hannah, Campaign Manager, Northern Dogs Project

Janice Hannah

Campaign Manager, Northern Dogs Project


In her dual role as Senior Education and Research Specialist & Northern Dogs Project Manager, Janice Hannah is responsible for developing, monitoring and evaluating IFAW’s companion animal projects in Canada and providing guidance for IFAW’s education initiatives both in Canada and internationally. In her twenty years at IFAW, Jan has worked in numerous program areas including marine mammal science and education, Animal Action Education, emergency relief, policy, and wildlife trade. 

Jan’s focus on companion animal welfare merges her long-term interest of working with animals and communities with the objective of building humane and sustainable programs that improve the health and welfare of animals through education and community engagement.  Outreach, advice, community development and service provision are cornerstones to IFAW’s work that provides contextual and culturally relevant solutions to local issues.

Jan develops and manages community projects on the ground as well as advising and working on companion animal policy, programming and issues internationally.  During the past few years she has worked on IFAW companion animal population management and rabies eradication projects as well as in-community animal welfare capacity development around the world.


Jan holds an Honours BSc in Wildlife Biology from the University of Guelph, Canada, and a Masters in Education and Teaching Certificate from Niagara University, Niagara Falls, US.