Beijing Raptor Rescue Center - China

Birds of prey are falling prey in China

Animals all over the world face real threats.

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The Beijing Raptor Rescue Center rescues, rehabilitates and returns birds of prey back to the sky.


Birds of prey are protected by law in China. Still, too often, they’re victims of environmental degradation and illegal wildlife trade.

When they’re not captured, killed, or otherwise threatened, they may end up with serious injuries, like bone fractures, broken wings and bullets lodged in their bodies.

In Beijing, part of the major migratory route for raptors, we needed an institution to rescue, rehabilitate, and release these wounded birds back into the wild. 


In 2001, we partnered with Beijing Normal University and the Beijing Forestry Bureau to open the Beijing Raptor Rescue Center (BRRC).

The BRRC team treats each bird with the utmost care to ensure their survival in the wild. In addition to rescuing individual birds, BRRC also shares best practices with law enforcement and wildlife rehabilitators around the country.

London's Metropolitan Police Service helps us track down elusive poachers.

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Law Enforcement Partners

Cows can now find refuge during a flood.

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Designing Safe Havens
raptors have been admitted to the BRRC.
percent of the rescued birds of prey have returned to the wild.

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Beijing Raptor Rescue Center - China

Animals all over the world face real threats.

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