Australia Wildlife Crime Prevention

An auction house in Australia is upending the ivory trade

The challenge is multi-faceted, and so are the solutions

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We’re working with the private sector and Parliament to stop the trade of ivory and rhino horns in Australia.


We knew some elephant ivory and rhino horns were being sold at auction houses. But we didn’t know how many. In 2015, IFAW launched an investigation.

We uncovered 2,772 ivory items for sale at 175 auctions in 21 auction houses in Australia and New Zealand, and we found that the ivory and rhino trade in these auction houses was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.


We issued a report titled “Under the Hammer.” But we didn’t stop there. We knew completely ending the domestic ivory trade demanded a national change in policy.

We briefed every member of Parliament—all 226 of them—on data regarding the severity of the global poaching crisis, Australia’s domestic ivory market, and information about how the Australian government could stop it.

Then, we gained the support of the Deputy Chair of the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Law Enforcement to launch an inquiry. Now, the Committee is recommending a domestic ban on the ivory trade.

Local communities can provide powerful protection.

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Stopping Poachers

After we issued our report, a top Australian auction house, Leonard Joel, reversed its policy on ivory and rhino horn sales. Now, Leonard Joel is working with us to close the domestic ivory and rhino horn market.

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Australia Wildlife Crime Prevention

The challenge is multi-faceted, and so are the solutions

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