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This website uses ‘cookies’ – pieces of data which are stored on your computer. This Policy explains how we use cookies on this website.

What are cookies?
A "cookie" is a small text file that is placed on a website user’s device/computer hard drive by a website. There are several types of cookies and they have different functions or uses. For example, some cookies help us improve the experience of our website while others help us tailor our services to you.

What type of cookies do you use?
Different terminology is used to describe cookies (and a lot of websites and organisations use different terminology, which can be confusing). To help you understand, we have categorised the 3 types of cookies we use on our website:

Performance Cookies (also often called analytic cookies) – Help us collect information about your use of the website to improve the website and your user experience.

Functionality Cookies – Help the website function better for you by, for example, personalising areas of the website for you once you are a return visitor.

Essential Cookies – Cookies essential for you to use parts of the website.

The specific types of cookies we use on the Website are outlined below:

1st Party Cookies

ifaw_user_id (functionality cookie)
Cookie needed to track user interactions between the main website and 3rd party Action (advocacy) & Secure (donation) forms providing us the ability to change flexible modules on the website based on the user actions, such as donations, advocacy actions and content views etc. This allows the site to display appropriate flexible module content.

and _session_id (functionality cookie)
Cookies needed for user authentication purposes.

Lang (functionality cookie)
Cookie used to store user language (region). It allows the site to know which region the user is in and to show pages in the appropriate region/language.

AddThis (functionality cookies)
This is a social sharing widget that allows users to share website content on social media and messaging platforms.  The _atuvc and _atuvs cookies collect analytics data (IP address, time and date, browser type and language, web search leading to the site, frequency of sharing content using AddThis), which is not combined with personal data. The cookies also allow users to keep track of their content sharing. (hosted on

Facebook (targeting cookie)
Facebook _fbp cookie allows IFAW to accept Facebook advertising products such as real-time bidding for interest-based advertising. (hosted at

Google Analytics (performance cookie)
This tool, used by many website operators, helps us improve the performance of our sites by understanding how users engage with the sites. Cookies collect website usage data without personally identifying the users to Google. The cookies are _ga (user ID set by default to expire in 2 years), analytics.js, _gid (page id), and _gat (short-term cookie controlling the data request rate). (hosted at

Optimizely (performance cookie)
Optimizely cookies store personalization and experience data for personalization, analytics, and performance evaluation purposes; optimizely EndUserID stores a visitor’s unique identifier (timestamp and random number) for 6 months. (hosted at (functionality cookie)Hosting platform provider uses tags to ensure efficient site navigation and load balancing. (hosted at

Pinterest tags (performance cookie)
These tag traffic and page visits on IFAW’s Pinterest board. (ifaw board)

Session cookies (functionality cookies)
The cookies ifaw_site, market_source* are “session cookies” that exist only for the duration of the visit. They are used by the server to allow logging in and also store information about user page activities so users can easily pick up where they left off. These cookies are essential for site functionality and the user experience. (hosted at

3rd Party Cookies

AddThis (targeting cookie)
The uvc, xtc, loc cookies associated with the AddThis content-sharing widget provides advertisers with profile information for targeted advertising (although without sharing personal data).

Bing Ads UET (performance cookie)
Microsoft Bing Ads Universal Events Tracking (UET) is a tag that tracks what visitors do on our websites after clicking on one of our ads elsewhere online; the data are stored for 13 months

Bing (targeting cookies)
Microsoft Bing places the MUID and MUIDB cookies used for identifying users and placing interest-based advertisements

BugHerd (performance cookie)
Recognizes login. BugHerd is used to track and annotate reported “bugs” or problems with a site.

Double Click (targeting cookies)
See Google advertising

Facebook (functionality & targeting cookies)
Facebook cookies allow Facebook servers to access a site session, exchange login credentials, comment on or share an article with friends, and serve interest-based information or advertising. They include datr, lu, fr, lsd, reg, ext_ref, reg_fb, fb_gate, fb_ref, act wd. Learn more about how Facebook uses cookies. [].

Google Advertising (targeting cookies)
Google uses cookies to deliver more relevant advertising to users and to avoid frequently repeating ads the user has already seen. Google creates an identifying cookie called ANID. The main DoubleClick cookie are ID and IDE. Other Google advertising cookies are DSID, FLC, AID, TAID, HSID, exchange_uid, _gads, _gac, and PREF. A short-term cookie named “conversion” logs the occasions when a user visits the advertiser’s site. You can control Google ad personalization by visiting This includes DoubleClick, Google AdWords and Google AdWords Remarketing, Google Tag Manager, Outbrain and YouTube.

New Relic JSESSIONID (performance cookie)
New Relic provides a platform for monitoring performance applications. The cookie stores data to transmit performance data to the New Relic server.

Pinterest (functionality & targeting cookies)
Pinterest uses the _utmv and pinterest sess cookies to allow users to share content and comments and track browsing for interest-based advertising

Twitter (functionality & targeting cookies)
The Twitter social messaging app collects data through cookies, plug-ins, and integrations that allow following our Twitter accounts easily, sharing content via Twitter, displaying the latest Tweets, and displaying interest-based advertising. The cookies include twll, k, remember_checked, remember_checked_on, personalization_id, utma, guest_id, secure_session, auth_token, twitter_sess, original_referer, external_referer. More information can be found in the Twitter Privacy Policy.

YouTube (targeting cookies)
Google-owned YouTube uses SID, SAPISID, HSID, APISID, GPS, and YSC cookies to identify users and store user profiles, the LOGIN_INFO cookie for login credentials, the PREF cookie to store ad preferences, and the VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE cookie to track viewing of videos. More information can be found in the YouTube Privacy Policy.

Instagram (targeting cookies)
More information can be found in the Instagram Privacy Policy.

Cookie Acceptance

By using our website you consent to our use of cookies as updated from time to time. The cookies we use will be stored on your device (unless rejected or disabled by your browser).

We have a visible banner on our website to remind users that by using the website they consent to our use of cookies.

Internet browsers normally accept cookies by default. However, it is possible to set an internet browser to reject cookies.

If you do not accept our use of cookies as set out in this Policy, please set your internet browser to reject cookies. This may impair your ability to use our website.

We may update our cookies from time to time as well as this Policy, so please check this Policy regularly.

More general information on cookies is available at

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