Landscape Conservation

Restoring a landscape in India made way for a new generation of animals.

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Preserving Heritage

We're empowering the next generation of conservationists.

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Stopping Deforestation

A water pump allows a community and its animal neighbors to coexist.

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Conflict Prevention

Our world is getting smaller and more fragmented. So is theirs.

These places on Earth that people and animals call home transcend borders and cultures, sectors and scales. Our team is on the frontlines in the fight for cleaner air, clearer water, and healthier habitats everywhere.


million hectares of rainforests destroyed since 1990


in 5 endangered species are critically threatened by habitat loss and degradation


people in India are killed each year due to human-wildlife conflict

From cities to rural areas, from factories to farms, human activity is destroying the natural world. When habitats vanish, so do the animals who live there—and people suffer, too.

Photo: Donal Boyd/IFAW
Make Room to Roam

The places we call habitats are, for countless living creatures, home. That’s why we’re fighting to secure the land, water, and airspace animals need to thrive.

We’re helping people take care of the precious ecosystems in their own backyard. And wherever people and animals are neighbors, we’re there to help them live in harmony.

People and animals need lots of room to roam. To help them share common ground, we secure safe corridors for food, water, and migration. If they’re orphaned, injured, or just lose track of the herd, we help them find home. We also teach people how to avoid clashes with wildlife, and we keep their crops and livestock protected from predators. When animals stray into human territory, or people put habitats up for sale, we go to the negotiating table for all the species in the ecosystem. The way we see it, everyone deserves a conflict-free environment.

Photo: Donal Boyd/IFAW
Thrive Together

It’s in our nature to fight for survival, but it’s in our power to thrive together. In eight landscapes around the world, we’re empowering people to invest in the land. From farming to weaving, nature-sourced livelihoods are bringing local communities to the global marketplace. Those sustainable incomes support sustainable lifestyles. For example, in Northeastern India, where the forest is disappearing, we promote energy-efficient woodstoves to decrease peoples’ dependence on timber. Aligning our economy with our environment is possible. It starts with incentivizing people to buy-in.

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