Japanese import of sei whale products is a persistent violation of CITES rules
27 November 2017 by aclose@ifaw.org
The world’s most important conservation body has avoided taking action against Japan for its trade in endangered sei Read more »
Mink whale
25 October 2017 by aclose@ifaw.org
Icelandic support for minke whaling has dropped by 5% in just one year, according to polling results released today ( Read more »
IFAW urges action to reduce ocean noise pollution to protect marine mammals
12 July 2017 by svandereyd
Governments and the shipping industry need to take urgent action to stop underwater noise is the message of a new movie Read more »
New technology could reduce damaging impact of oil and gas noise pollution on wh
7 July 2017 by svandereyd
The seismic industry could reduce its impact on the marine environment, particularly on sound-sensitive whales and dolphins Read more »
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