To the Rescue

Saving people is a priority when disasters strike, but now it is recognised that saving animals is vital too.

Indeed, in most instances, helping people and helping animals go hand in hand. Farmers cannot survive without their livestock, diseases in animals can spread to people, communities that depend on wildlife tourism can be ruined, and people in disasters want their pets rescued. To the Rescue - Emergency Relief for Animals explores how, in many disaster situations, the needs and welfare of both humans and the animals upon which they depend are intertwined.


To the Rescue Education Programme

UK Secondary School Teaching Guide and Lessons »
Suitable for Key Stage 3 and 4


To the Rescue Education Programme

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4 steps to combating climate change - what you can do


To the Rescue Education Programme

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For you and your animal companions


To the Rescue Education Programme

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Each with an inspirational quote


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To the Rescue Video

The companion film is an excellent introduction to the concepts presented in the pack and is appropriate for general youth audiences.

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