Making Waves for Seals

Seals are one of the most engaging groups of marine animals on our planet. They evolved from land animals that were related to modern mammals like dogs and bears.  

These creatures took to the sea about 30 million years ago, taking advantage of the rich resources found there while maintaining close ties to the land. Today they are found all over the world. Making Waves for Seals introduces students to the story of seals and the threats they face, including: pollution, global warming, entanglement in fishing nets, and commerial hunting.


Making Waves for Seals Education Programme

The story of seals »
Information booklet about their natural history, biology and threats


Making Waves for Seals Education Programme

UK Secondary School Teaching Guide and Lessons »
Suitable for Key Stage 3 and 4


Making Waves for Seals Education Programme

Animal poster set »
Each with an inspirational quote


Making Waves for Seals Education Programme

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Making Waves for Seals Video

The companion film is an excellent introduction to the concepts presented in the pack and is appropriate for general youth audiences.

Watch the film online now »