An erster Stelle steht Mitgefühl

Jan 21 2015
Das IFAW Haustierprojekt CLAW

Das IFAW Haustierprojekt CLAW bringt seit mehreren Jahren tierärztliche und humanitäre Hilfe ins südafrikanische Syferbult. Foto: Blessing Chiriseri


Dubai Airport security efforts continue to combat ivory trafficking

Feb 9 2015
The confiscated ivory consisted of 16 pieces of raw ivory with the rest being ca

In early January, 2015, Dubai Airport security invited IFAW’s Middle East Regional Office to participate in delivering over 1,500 pieces of confiscated elephant ivory to the Ministry of Environment in the United Arab Emirates.

Kite-flying festival prompts large-scale bird rescue in India

Feb 9 2015
The team members of Raksha rescued over 270 birds at their makeshift camps.


Each year from January 14-16, the skyline in Ahmedabad comes alive with thousands of multi-colored kites soaring high, trying to out maneuver each other.