The effects of climate change on whales

Climate change affects the whole planet. We are already seeing its impact on land, but it affects our oceans too – and the animals that live in them. For some of the world’s most endangered whales, the results of climate change may be more than they can survive.

Our researchers have already documented the early impact of climate change on whale populations in the Northern and Southern hemispheres and we have grave concerns that the dangers to whales will grow. In particular:

  • The loss of food sources whales depend upon;
  • Changes to the food web of the entire ocean;
  • Impact on migratory paths and the consequences for their breeding grounds.

The planet’s climate is always changing, but this is usually a long, gradual process. Today, human-produced pollution is changing the climate faster than at any time in the past, posing a great threat to humans, animals and their habitats, wherever they are in the world.
Not just for whales but for humanity, we urge policy-makers to adopt the strictest precautionary measures in all policies and decisions affecting climate change.