Courageous Canadian Senator fights to debate the commercial seal hunt and end it

Canadian Senator Mac Harb addresses the crowd at the International Day of Action for Seals.Today Canadian Senator Mac Harb will formally re-introduce legislation to end the commercial seal hunt in Canada.

Despite decades of support from the Canadian government, the market outlook for seal products remains bleak. The European Union market is closed to non-Inuit seal products; Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan have banned the import of harp seal pelts, shutting off 90% of Canada’s exports; the Chinese seal-meat deal has not been finalized; and even $3.6 million in bailout money from the Newfoundland government has failed to draw large numbers of sealers to the hunt so far this year.

The writing is on the wall – the world does not want, nor need, products made from Canada’s dead seals.

The end of the commercial sealing industry is in sight.  It is time for the Canadian government to face the reality that commercial sealing is neither viable nor necessary in this day and age, and there are no indications that it will become so in the future. 

Instead of propping up this dying industry with bailouts and other financial assistance, any government support provided to the sealing industry should be in the form of a restructuring and transition plan to end commercial sealing and compensate affected individuals.

We at the International Fund for Animal Welfare support Senator Harb and applaud his commitment to end commercial sealing in Canada.  We know that all good things are difficult to achieve, and we will not give up the fight to end commercial sealing for good.

Take action now and contact members of the Senate of Canada, asking them to support Senator Harb’s bill to end the commercial seal hunt in Canada.  

-- SF

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Amanda McKibbon
6 years ago

On behalf of the seals who have been and will be spared the cruelty of the commercial seal hunt I thank you for all of your dedication and hard work. We all hope to leave this world better than how we found it. Without a doubt, you can say you have. While fulfilling, I imagine the journey must also have been hard and full of sacrifices. It can't be easy to be intimately aware of such horrific cruelty when you clearly care so much. Again, thank you from the seals and from the many of us who care about them.

6 years ago

Sheryl, I know you can not see me or hear me, but as I read your article my heart applauds you for all of your hard work and efforts. I don't know how you do it, but please keep up your work. On another note, to one Anonymous I do not speak for all Americans, therefore please to not assume one comment you read was made by all Americans. You are right, killing is killing, whether it is a human or an animal, we have NO rights to take another life. We in America do not sanction an all out killing of baby seals. And I have fought to not allow the gang killing of deer to thin out the metropolitan areas in the U.S. why do humans think they were given the power over all other life forms - shame on us as a species.
Thank you Sheryl, you an countless others inspire me to fight harder for the silent cries of our brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom.

6 years ago

Baby seals are not shot. The pelts are worthless and why are Americans condeming Canada when they themselves kill seals as well in Alaska, not as many, but killing is killing. I Am not betting anything this email gets posted, IFAW does not want to allow people to disagree with them, I think that is Communism if my civics lessons is correct.

6 years ago

thanks all the people who are helping seals

6 years ago

Others have said it before so I will say it again, there has never been a need for and there
never will be a need for the seal hunt, and it's about time that people saw it for what it truely
was and that's nothing more than the needless slaughter of a bunch of innoscent and helpless baby animals that have never done anything to anybody and need to be left alone.


6 years ago

Sheryl, that is great news!!! Massachusetts stand ready to continue the fight. Keep up the great work!!!

6 years ago

Go get 'em Sheryl!!!! Massachusetts stands ready to continue the fight. Keep up the great work!

6 years ago

This is great news!! An amazing long awaited stride towards the end of this cruel slaughter! We have to keep up the pressure and get it done! We are their voice....

6 years ago

Dear Sheryl Fink

i wish this Seal hunt be put down once and for all.

Thanks for your 10 years in trying to put an end to this cruel hunt.

Thanks also to Senator Mac Harb for trying to pass a law and protect those seals from inhumane slaughter.

Good luck


Gigica+boobi=cats and Merryla

6 years ago

Thank you, Sheryl, and please keep up the good work!

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