Guinea Pig Casanova Faces the Music Without Missing a Beat

Doroteo, the guinea pig casanova, arrived early to the clinic and was prepared with all the precautions all the patients at HSC receive. Everything went well, and in no time the surgery was complete! Immediately after we stopped the gas anesthesia he started to wake up, and in just an hour he was eating again.The author and the patient, Doroteo Recently, I was asked if I could assist Humane Society of Cozumel staff in neutering a different kind of patient, one they hadn't received before at the clinic… a guinea pig!  

This was quite unusual, as the International Fund for Animal Welfare companion animal projects and the HSC focus on dogs and cats, but after many years of practicing exotic pet medicine and loving guinea pigs, my answer was yes!

Most of the Cozumel community is very good about spaying and neutering their animals, but this was the first time a guinea pig patient arrived at the HSC clinic, different from the regular hundreds of dogs and cats that are helped each month.

I  was  happy there  was a responsible owner willing to neuter her guinea pig and  even  happier that  the  guinea pig had  three girlfriends -guinea pigs are very sociable animals and if they are separated they can become very stressed and depressed.  But imagine all the guinea pigs that can be born from a male with three girlfriends! The female can have a post-partum heat just 24-48 hours of giving birth, so they are little factories of baby guinea pigs. Doroteo recovering.

Doroteo, the guinea pig casanova, arrived early to the clinic and was prepared with all the precautions all the patients at HSC receive. We weighed him, gave premeds, and after 20 minutes we placed him under gas anesthesia, lubricated his eyes, clipped his fur, placed him in a heating pad to avoid his temperature to drop down,   embrocated him and then started the surgical procedure.

Everything went well, and in no time the surgery was complete!  Immediately after we stopped the gas anesthesia he started to wake up, and in just an hour he was eating again. One more, happy patient that is going to love being around his girlfriends with no puppy consequence! -- EF

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6 years ago

Who is the Ginea piggy? hahaha

6 years ago

who is the guinea pig????

6 years ago

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