WATCH: incredibly cute orphaned Russian bear cub takes her first steps

Toma, seen taking her first steps in the video above, is one of six orphaned bear cubs recently rescued in Russia and undergoing rehabilitation at the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s (IFAW) Bear Rescue Center in Bubonitsy.

The first four bear cubs arrived at the Center on the 2nd of March from the Kirov Region. They were two females (Kira, Katia) and two males (Sasha, Lenya) aged about two months old and weighing between six to eight pounds (3-4kgs).

The orphans came from the Kirov region where, during logging operations, a bear was seen running away from a tractor. After making sure that there was no bear around, the loggers walked the area and found a den where they saw four bears huddled together to keep warm.

Afraid that the cubs would freeze, the loggers removed the bears and handed them over to the Hunting Department.

IFAW’s Sergey and Vassily Pazhetnov had to cover over 700 miles (1,200 km) by car to bring the bears back to the Center, and just 2 days later, on the 4th of March, two additional bear cubs arrived to from the Smolensk region.

This time, it was Toma (our movie star) and a male, Slava who were healthy, but the first attempt to bottle feed them with milk failed – the cubs were only used to their mother’s milk taste and smell and were unhappy with the rubber nipple.

Luckily, now the bear cubs feel well and are interested in milk.

They all have large white spots on the necks but Kira’s and Katya’s are larger more like collars.

These white spots will disappear when the bears are two to three years old.

At present, the bear cubs are eating very well feeding on 200-300ml of milk four times a day.

After feeding the cubs can walk on the floor for some time to stimulate their development.

Two weeks ago they could only crawl but they have now started to take their first steps.

Soon they will all be running and playing. 


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