Together, partners educate classes of European School children on pet issues

One of the student drawings from the IFAW – IFAH Europe companion animal effort held over the last few weeks at the European School in Brussels.Over the last few weeks, our Animal Action Education (AAE) team partnered with IFAH Europe - the International Federation for Animal Health Europe - to give presentations on companion animals to about 200 pupils aged 6-9, at the European School in Brussels.

Illustrated by sequences of the IFAW film Cats, Dogs and Us, the presentations were designed to show how pets help us and what we should do for them in return. Pupils loved the film, asked lots of questions and told us many stories about their pets.

Watch Cats, Dogs and Us below…

Teachers, who in many cases had given a short lesson on companion animals to prepare the children to our visit, were very impressed by the quality of our teaching materials and said they would share it with colleagues and would be interested in materials and presentations on other animal welfare themes.

At the end of the presentation, the children were asked to do a drawing illustrating one thing they remembered they should do for their pets.

The highlight of the presentations was probably Tai, the adorable Jack Russell who accompanied us. The children gave him lots of love and attention.

All the drawings, as well as the winners, will be presented at the 10th edition of European Pet Night to be held on February 12th in Brussels under the patronage of MEP Julie Girling from the European Conservatives and Reformists Group.

European Pet Night is a pet-welcome event which aims to gather stakeholders to share and discuss about companion animals, their health and welfare, the many different ways they benefit humans and much more!

As a partner of the event, IFAW will be present this year to talk about the work done in Bosnia to help communities find solutions to their dog management problems.

We left the children with a poster showing the needs of cats and dogs to ensure this important lesson stayed with them.


For more information about IFAW efforts to teach children about animal welfare issues, visit our campaign page.

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