Spotlight Cape Town: Underdog Stompie Wins New Family’s Hearts

Thanks to the Mdzananda Animal Clinic, underdog Stompie becomes a champion, after recovering from an auto collision that removed her foot’s soft tissue. Many movies and television programs portray stories about people and animals who, against all odds, rise above their circumstances and claim victory over a personal challenge or event faced by them.  The term “underdog” is often used in this context.

From experience, more often than not, most people are inclined to sympathise with the underdog.  Be it for personal reasons or simply a display of empathy similar to that shown to a puppy or kitty who is the “runt of a litter”.

In the case of Stompie, there is no doubt that she is a fine example of one who has overcame the odds in her short life.

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Stompie arrived at the Mdzananda Animal Clinic as a puppy about six months ago.  Unfortunately for her, she was hit by a car and became one of the many MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) victims treated by Mdzananda monthly. As a result of the accident, her entire front foot was badly damaged, with all the soft tissue of the foot removed in the accident. Her owners brought her to Mdzananda for treatment.

Stompie spent two months at Mdzananda recuperating from her injuries, but when she was at last ready to go home, her owners no longer wanted her as they believed, due to the injury she had sustained to her foot, she was “damaged” and not the same dog.

Even though animal welfare assistant Lazola Sotyingwa and the team did their utmost to help Stompie’s owners realise that she was no different than before, they did not want her back.  It did not take a lot of persuasion for Lazola, one of Mdzananda’s longest serving staff members to make the decision to adopt her.  After having spent two long months at Mdzananda, she had made her way into everyone’s heart, including Lazola’s.

Stompie won animal welfare assistant Lazola Sotyingwa’s heart, and now lives happily with Lazola and her family.

Stompie now lives with Lazola and his family, including her two canine brothers, Charlie and Future.  Lazola reports that she is wonderful with his children and a “life saver” to have on busy days as she entertains them greatly.  She absolutely loves food, clears out her bowl in seconds and then tries to eat her two brothers’ food. She has a big personality and loves pushing her brothers around, but has a gentle heart and is devoted to her new family.

Lazola feels very blessed to have her in his family and I am certain Stompie’s happiness is a realisation that, despite her physical scars, she is a winner thanks to Lazola and the team at Mdzananda.


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