Our biodiversity is melting away - IFAW action World Wildlife Day 2015



Two years ago the United Nations brought the 3rd of March as the World Wildlife Day into being. We believe this is a very important commemoration day and thus we seized the opportunity to hold an impressive event on the Jungfernstieg in Hamburg’s city center in order to call people’s attention to the fate of many animal species.  

The quickly disappearing species were symbolized by melting ice sculptures of an elephant, tiger and shark. Many passersby stopped to look at the sculptures, take pictures of them or talk to IFAW-employees about poaching and illegal wildlife trade. Also a camera team of the German television channel RTL defied Hamburg’s foul  weather and made a report for the evening news.

Illegal wildlife trade is amongst the most profitable international crimes, together with drug trafficking, product and money counterfeiting and human trafficking. Illegal wildlife trade brings a yearly profit of more than 10 billion USD to those involved. The international community and the enforcement authorities – such as INTERPOL – have to co-ordinate their actions and co-operate if they want to stand a chance against the poachers’ mafia.

Der IFAW is urging the European Commission to install an action plan to combat illegal wildlife trade – similar to existing action plans for other crimes such as human trafficking. Such a plan should contain – for example – measures for better international co-operation, educational campaigns for the public and harsher punishment for wildlife crimes.   

Action has to be taken – urgently and effectively – if the World Wildlife Day shall not become a day to remember all the species that are already extinct.


Help us spread the word. Share our World Wildlife Day posters on social media or go to www.wildlifeday.org to take action for animals today.


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