For International Tiger Day, look back at the journey of six rescued Amur tigers

International Tiger Day, also known as the Global Tiger Day, was established five years ago at the Tiger Summit in St. Petersburg, Russia, of which IFAW Russia was one of the organizers.

IFAW teams from Russia, US, India, China and EU actively participated in the development of the tigers’ conservation plan for the range states.

Russia is one of the few countries where tigers live in the wild. Thanks to IFAW and its NGO partners’ initiatives and efforts, wild Amur tigers are now better protected by the Russian Criminal and Administrative Laws, with perpetrators serving up to seven years in prison and a penalty of RUR1,100,000 for poaching, transportation and trade in live tigers and their parts and derivatives.

Governmental support was granted to scientific research projects, and work was done to streamline the activities and management of the nature reserves, whose number and area was considerably increased.

IFAW helped to save, rehabilitate and release six Amur tigers cubs after they were found emaciated and weak after their mothers were killed by poachers. The following are the updates of the group in the last year:


A life of freedom for our six Russian tigers (08/27/2014)


Threats persist for wild Amur tigers in Far East Russia (09/26/2014)


6 myths busted about Kuzya the tiger traveling in China (10/17/2014)


Five Amur tigers continue to thrive in wilds of Russia (01/12/2015)


Ustin the tiger returned to Russian rehabilitation center (01/12/2015)


VIDEO + PICTURES: Why are nature reserves so important to Russian tigers?(02/13/2015 )


On the heels (paws) of Cinderella the tiger and her rumored cubs (04/28/2015)


One year after release, rehabilitated Amur tigress caught on film in Russia (05/26/2015)


New video provides evidence that ‘Putin’s tigers’ are thriving in the wild (05/28/2015)


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Dr. Maria (Masha) N. Vorontsova, Senior Advisor to the IFAW Marine Conservation
Senior Advisor to the IFAW Marine Conservation Program
Grace Ge Gabriel, Regional Director, Asia
Regional Director, Asia
Vivek Menon, Director of IFAW partner, Wildlife Trust of India
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