The Indian army rescues a beautiful bear cub princess

The standing black bear princess.“This is a difficult battle, this conservation. We need to address the root cause and raise awareness for people to ensure that these cubs are not separated from their mothers. When will this be a reality? I don’t know. Until then, we will continue to try and ensure that any cubs that come to our centre are returned to the wild, where they belong.

-- Dr. Jahan Ahmed, International Fund for Animal Welfare-Wildlife Trust of India veterinarian at IFAW’s Bear Rescue Center in Arunachal Pradesh, India

Story of Princess – the rescued bear cub (as narrated to Sashanka Barbaruah by Dr Jahan Ahmed)

Most of the time, the Indian Army protects the country but every now and then, it also protects animals, Dr. Jahan Ahmed, IFAW-WTI veterinarian at IFAW’s Bear Rescue Center tells me.

Dr. Ahmed is just back from Tenga after retrieving an Asiatic black bear cub rescued by the army’s Tenga Brigade. Major Arun Tiwari had telephoned to say the army had seized the captive bear—only a few months old--from a group of villagers and wanted to hand it over to IFAW’s rescue centre for rehabilitation.

Dr. Ahmed and a team made the trip, an arduous nine-hour drive from BRC, over treacherous roads, in fog and rain that cascaded down the entire trip.

Before leaving the army’s camp, Major Arun asked Dr. Amed if he wouldn’t mind naming the tiny cub “Princess,” and he was only too happy to oblige. So, this is the first chapter of Princess’ story, rescued by the army, and now in our temporary care as we prepare her to return to a life in the wild.


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