EU policymakers see importance in animal welfare education

© IFAW/Estee When the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals held its 299th session in the European Parliament in Strasbourg last month, I spoke as a representative of IFAW in a session dedicated to the connection between animal welfare and education.

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In my presentation, I stressed three things:

  • The importance of education as a key to improve knowledge about animal welfare. IFAW is currently collaborating in the EDUCAWEL project, a European Commission study which aims to map the current animal welfare education and information activities directed at the general public and consumers in Europe.
  • Our new Cats, Dogs and Us theme in our Animal Action Education programme.
  • Our companion animal work, especially our Humane Community Development work in Bosnia with the United Nations Development Programme, which has emphasized behavior change in solving dog population management in the long term.

This influential Intergroup provides a forum for Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) for debate and for initiating European Union action for a wide range of animal welfare and conservation issues.

MEPs who attended the session showed great interest, tweeting my presentation and asking about the place of animal welfare education in school curricula in Europe, probably one of our programme’s greatest challenges.

This session was a great opportunity to raise awareness amongst European decision makers about our work to educate, inspire and empower young people to take better care of animals and their environment, and will undoubtedly let us reach out to many more schools and communities and help a lot of animals across Europe.


You can read more in the Animal Welfare Intergroup’s press release.

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