Born to be Wild

The Barbary macaque is an endangered primate native to Morocco and Algeria. 80% of the population is found in Morocco, with Ifrane National Park as their main stronghold. The global population of Barbary macaques has declined by over 50% in the past 25 years. The main threat for the species is habitat loss from habitat fragmentation due to climate change and growing human footprint in its habitat. Additionally, infant Barbary macaques are poached and trafficked to supply the international pet trade especially to Europe where they are kept as pet animals.

Born to be Wild is a program ensuring the sustainable protection of the endangered Barbary macaques and is funded by the Dutch Postcode Lottery (Nationale Postcode Loterij). The program is initiated by AAP Animal Advocacy and Protection and executed together with IFAW. In Morocco, IFAW partners with the Moroccan government on efforts to combat illegal wildlife trade and protect the country’s native biodiversity.

IFAW supports anti-poaching scouts in Ifrane National Park, raises awareness among tourists and school children, assists with habitat restoration projects and the exploration of alternative livelihoods for Berber people living in the park. We also provide both national and targeted DISRUPT (Detecting Illegal Species Through Prevention Training) trainings to enforcement authorities to develop tools and skills needed to combat wildlife trafficking. Our Wildlife Rescue experts provide guidance and training on the humane handling of confiscated live animals, the improvement of rescue facilities and the quality of care, and the potential reintroduction of animals back to the wild.