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Our work with the Norwegian tourism industry will help stop commercial whaling.

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Stop Commercial Whaling


dolphin and whale watching businesses are operating in Japan.

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We are campaigning to create an anti-whaling majority.

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Lobbying Governments

Life in the sea is under threat.

As many as one million species live in our ocean, and every one of them is in danger. Our team is working to protect the place they call home. By making the ocean safer and healthier, we can save lives and livelihoods.


North Atlantic right whales left in the world


whales killed every year by commercial whalers


countries practice commercial whaling every year

Entanglements in fishing gear. Collisions with high-speed ships. Ocean noise pollution. Marine plastics. Climate change. Human actions are endangering the largest creatures in our planet’s largest habitat.

Photo: IFAW
Stop Whaling, Start Watching

Our ocean is vast, and so are our plans to protect the animals who live there—from stopping harmful practices that kill marine life to starting sustainable businesses that can build a better life for all.

Commercial whaling has been banned worldwide since 1986. But Iceland, Japan, and Norway still permit whale hunting. We’re working to change that. We’ve engaged partners like the Japan Whale and Dolphin Watching Council, the Ice Whale Coalition of Whale Watchers in Iceland, and the new NorWhale network in Norway. And today, whale watching is on the rise. In Japan, for instance, the whale watching industry now generates more than $22 million each year.

A North Atlantic Right Whale, an endangered species, swims through shipping traffic. Photo: New England Aquarium. Taken under permit authorized by NOAA.
Cut the Noise

More often than not, saving marine life is as simple as changing laws. So, we’re working with national governments to reduce the noise pollution created by energy exploration and commercial ships. We’re engaging international shipping organizations to regulate ship speeds and avoid harmful collisions between ships and whales. And we’re lobbying for regulations and pioneering new approaches that will minimize the effects of climate change on our oceans.

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