Jason Bell, IFAW南非地区总代表,大象保护项目主任

Jason Bell



In his dual role as Regional Director Southern Africa and of the Elephant Programme, Jason is responsible for developing, monitoring and evaluating IFAW’s campaigns and programmes within his region and providing leadership for IFAW’s global elephant conservation activities.

Since joining IFAW, Jason has worked on a range of animal welfare issues including ending the ivory trade, unethical “canned” hunting, boat-based whale watching, lobbying against wildlife trade at CITES, ending commercial whaling, wildlife habitat expansion, and government relations.  

IFAW Southern Africa also supports the efforts of SANCCOB to save South Africa’s endangered penguins and operates the Community-Led Animal Welfare (CLAW) project in the townships around Johannesburg and Cape Town veterinarian clinics, programmes that save dogs, cats, and other companion animals from cruelty and neglect.

Under Jason’s leadership, the elephant programme team has worked to secure habitat for elephants in South Africa, India, China and Kenya and has been involved in several translocation projects, in one case moving an entire herd of 83 elephants from an area in the Phirilongwe region where they were in constant violent conflict with local villages. Where translocation is not feasible, Jason leads the team in developing practical, humane solutions to human-elephant conflict situations.

IFAW’s collaboration with the University of Pretoria on research regarding the dynamics of elephant populations helped convince the government of South Africa to set aside millions of dollars to pursue an ethical and science-based approach to managing elephant populations rather than accept culling proposals which are based on politics instead of science.

Jason’s Elephant team also works closely with park rangers, supporting and training anti-poaching teams in elephant range states.  As a campaigner, Jason has been a regular attendee at CITES Conventions of the Parties, with a particular focus on ending the ivory trade.


Researcher, University of Pretoria


Bachelor of Science, Zoology, University of Pretoria
Honors Degree, Ecology, University of Pretoria

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