Romanian “Adopta un caine” campaign emphasizes importance of local solutions to a worldwide problem

The “Adopta un caine” campaign demonstrates 21st century animal welfare thinking in Romania.


Observator, a Romanian television station, promotes the adoption of street dogs through their “Adopta un caine” (Adopt a Dog) campaign. The station’s promotional video depicts a Romanian street dog’s daily challenges as it navigates through a city divided deeply by its feelings about dogs.

In September 2013, street dogs faced extreme public opposition after a young boy lost his life during a dog attack. The public outcry culminated in a controversial decision by the Romanian Parliament to allow culling of street dogs, but now, the Observator’s video leaves the viewer with a sense that attitudes may be changing.

We see the “Adopta un caine” campaign as a step in the right direction. IFAW’s experience in managing dog populations around the world has shown that communities must look beyond short-sighted and often cruel twentieth-century management practices and instead promote solutions that incorporate the needs and perspectives of all community members in order to create safe environments for animals and people.

The “Adopta un caine” campaign demonstrates that such thinking exists in Romania, and through its efforts, will hopefully raise local awareness about the plight of street dogs and promote more humane attitudes.

IFAW applauds the efforts of local organizations and rescue groups who work hard every day to improve welfare for thousands of street dogs.


For more information about our efforts to protect cats and dogs, visit our campaign page.

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