From playing Brittany on Glee to narrating IFAW’s new promo videos


Some of you may know me from the hit US television show Glee, where I played Brittany. Today, I am proud to work with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and announce the launch of a new series of promotional videos I narrated. I recently sat down with IFAW’s Donna Gadomski and explained how I came to learn about IFAW’s work and how I have spread the excitement to my wonderful fans.



DG: Tell us about the new video series you narrated for IFAW.

I was ecstatic when IFAW asked me to narrate these videos. Not only does IFAW work directly with elephants, who happen to be my favorite animal, but they help all different kinds of animals all over the world on a daily basis.

When I first saw the videos, it was definitely shocking. But in being a part of this, it’s a really great way for me to share my passion directly with my fans on social media and really bring in an interest from people all over the world who have NO idea about many of the animal crisis. 

We recorded one all about IFAW, and then videos about the elephant, wildlife trade, dogs and cats, and animal rescue programs.

How did you first hear about IFAW?

I had seen a tweet from Planet Earth pics conveying how elephants are poached every 15 minutes for their ivory, and in something like 12 years they could be extinct. Immediately, it moved me to do research and become involved in some or ANY type of action to help out. 

Immediately following, I also was lucky enough to attend IFAW’S SAVING AMBOSELI’S ELEPHANTS event, where I learned from the organization’s regional director, James Isiche, just how dire and important our support and help was. 

I knew that with our dedicated fan base, I really would have no trouble at all and it’s true, my fans have turned out to be my biggest support system through this!

How did your fans start getting involved?
I posted about the Amboseli event and the importance of helping elephants, and my fans have come up with some fantastic ideas to help. The group #HelpHeMoSave holds raffles and really fun and cool contests to raise money for IFAW.


It even inspired me to hold my own garage sale and raise money for IFAW.

What’s next for you and IFAW?

I’ve always wanted to travel to Africa, and next summer I plan to visit Kenya and IFAW’s project in Amboseli. I can’t wait to see the elephants in person and to see the impact that we are all making there. IFAW does a great job posting updates from the field, so those keep me up to date in the meantime. But I also hope to post from my trip next summer as well.

What can people do to help?

Donations are important, but even if you don’t have money to give, there are other really fun ways to get involved.

Don’t underestimate the power of social networks and spreading the word. Follow IFAW on Facebook and Twitter. Sign up for IFAW emails and share posts with your friends.


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