Entangled Whale Rescue - Global

Veterinary medicine and drone technology can help free whales trapped in fishing gear

Animals all over the world face real threats.

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We’ve reimagined how sedation can save entangled whales in a smarter, safer way.


When whales swim up and down the coastline to feed and breed, they can encounter fishing gear in the water. When they make contact with lines, they often roll in an effort to get free. 

Unfortunately, this makes the gear wrap around their bodies, soon becoming a time bomb, cutting, constricting its flippers, and limiting its ability to feed.

It can take weeks, months, or years, but eventually many of these entanglements are fatal.


In addition to our work training and responding to entanglements, we have embarked on our most ambitious project yet: to use sedatives to slow a whale so that it can be more safely and effectively disentangled.

Small unmanned aerial vehicles—or drones—can help us accurately estimate the weight of the animals and determine the correct dosage of sedative.

It can also help us map the entanglement, so we can make the right cuts to remove the gear.

The data says stranded dolphins can rejoin their pods.

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Innovative Research

We rescue stranded marine mammals, and increase chances of survival after release.

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Saving Stranded Whales
entangled whales spotted each year in United States waters, and even more globally, could benefit from our veterinary expertise and drone technology.

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Entangled Whale Rescue - Global

Animals all over the world face real threats.

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