IFAW rescued dogs arrive to Longmont, Colorado

This post was filed by International Fund for Animal Welfare's Michael Booth reporting from Longmont, Colorado.

Glancing over towards the main building as we taxied to a stop we saw 3 TV cameras, a few radio reporters, a more than a dozen other people with big smiles, all waiting for us. It should be said, the crowd that gathered at the Longmont Municipal Airport were not there for us humans, rather our four-legged companions making their first trip to the US.

As the engines died off and the door opened we heard a big round of applause and a woman that shouted 'you made it'!

One by one, the Cozumel dogs disembarked on to a very warm Colorado day, a weather not too different from the island they had left now more than 1700 miles away.

'They look so happy!' another woman exclaimed. Yes, in fact the dogs were not in the least concerned or fearful, they exited their kennels with tails wagging and jumping up and down.

One of the dogs, Alvina, was greeted by her new family. Mr. and Mrs. Carey were just a few yards away from the airplane anxiously waiting to meet her. 'She is so pretty, look at her big ears!' said Dana Carey to her husband. After a few minutes for photos, Alvina left to her new home. 'We going to give her plenty of food and water and let her rest for as long as she needs, she's come a long way so we'll do our best to take it real easy'. 'She's a survivor, I'm sure she'll do just fine' added Peter Carey.

The other 8 dogs quickly left for the air-conditioned quarters at the Longmont Humane Society shelter. 'They will likely find forever homes very soon', commented the volunteers and staff, 'they are adorable and so loving'.

The IFAW team headed to Boulder for dinner and a good night's rest. We will start our journey back to Cozumel tomorrow to bring another plane-load of rescued animals, all looking for a fresh new start.

Our busy itinerary includes visits to Fort Meyers, FL on Saturday and Washington DC, and NYC on Sunday.

For more information on IFAW's Cozumel Dog and Cat Rescue and other projects around the world, visit www.ifaw.org today.

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7 years ago

Thanks for all your hard work in rescuing these animals. Keep up the good work. It's nice to see them have a nice safe family to go home to. There are many families out there that would love to adopt a dog. Thanks for making a difference.

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