After the third worst year for storms on record, it’s time to prepare for 2012

UPDATED - 6.1.12 : The NOAA 2012 Hurricane Season Outlook has been released.

In their 2011 Hurricane Season Summary, FEMA recounts the storms that earned names and our respect this year!

FEMA reports that we experienced 19 tropical storms, of which seven became hurricanes, including three majors. The 19 tropical storms represent the third-highest total since record keeping began in 1851, and was well above the average of 11 storms per year.

The number of hurricanes and major hurricanes this year was only slightly above the average of six and two, respectively. Hurricane Irene was the only hurricane to hit the United States in 2011, and the first one to do so since Ike struck southeast Texas in 2008.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare was on the ground for Ike in 2008 and we again answered the call a few short months ago when Irene came ashore and pummeled the Northeast. A majority of these 19 storms produced destructive flooding and deadly conditions in both the United States and around the world.

IFAW was involved in the response of every single storm that wreaked havoc in 2011. We responded to calls for animal rescue support deploying expert teams for water rescue, emergency sheltering, and assessment. Additional grant support to local partner agencies in country, and disaster preparedness support was provided.

We have come full circle in our planning efforts to minimize the damage of hurricanes on the animals in our lives. IFAW now takes stock of our plans incorporating lessons learned in 2011 to ensure we are even better prepared in 2012. Are you prepared to care for the animals in your care during a hurricane?

Take a moment to review this insightful brochure as a family, to protect your family and pets. IFAW stands at the ready to respond to the hurricanes that threaten communities around the world in 2012 or any disaster that heads our way.


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