International Conference to Address Oiled Wildlife Problem

Thursday, 4 August, 2005
Yarmouth Port, MA
An estimated 300,000 seabirds are killed each year off the East coast of Canada, from deliberate and illegal dumping of bilge oil by ships in Canadian waters. In response, IFAW (the International Fund For Animal Welfare – is co-sponsoring the 8th International Effects of Oil on Wildlife Conference, in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada from August 3-5, 2005.
This year’s conference, hosted by Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research, brings together 250 of the world’s leading professional oiled wildlife responders to collaborate on oil spill prevention initiatives, contingency planning and oiled wildlife response efforts worldwide.

Those professionals attending the conference include wildlife biologists, government and academic researchers, industry oil spill response and disaster response personnel, Federal, State and Provincial field response coordinators and environmental non-governmental organizations.

The conference will also focus on the development of a Canadian strategy to decrease illegal oil dumping and the creation of Canadian network of government, industry, NGO and local organizations to provide immediate care and rehabilitation of oiled seabirds. 

The conference coincides with the breeding season for a variety of seabirds that use Newfoundland’s islands as prime nesting sites. These environmentally sensitive locations are also the site for one of the world’s worst chronic oil pollution problems.

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