Rescued elephant calf Lani begins her journey to recovery

Community members in Zambia first spotted Lani wandering through the bushes outside of their village. The young calf was separated from her mother and lacked the essential nutrients she needed to survive. Wildlife authorities came to the rescue and our partner Game Rangers International – Elephant Orphanage Project brought Lani to the nursery for rehabilitation.

Lani spent her first few days at the nursery resting and recovering from her injuries. Her new caretakers provided around the clock care and comforted her as she adjusted to her new surroundings. Since then, the little elephant has shown signs of improvement and is developing close relationships with her caretakers.

With continuous care and rehabilitation, Lani has a bright future ahead. When she is ready, she will meet the other elephants at the nursery and begin to learn critical life skills, like how to use her trunk and search for food.

Rescuing and rehabilitating elephants like Lani requires expert care and extensive resources. With your support, we can continue to give orphaned animals a second chance at life in the wild.

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