When does IFAW engage in rehoming an animal outside of its native community, country or region?

IFAW typically favors finding homes for animals in their native communities, and does not engage in rehoming animals outside their community other than in exceptional circumstances and where we believe that both the source and receiving communities are likely to benefit from the effort.

IFAW addresses animal welfare problems at their root; when this effort is assisted by removing animals we will do so in the best interest of the individuals and the source community.

Making animals with an exceptional story available for adoption can inspire new homes to become available that may not have been among those previously seeking to adopt a new animal. Evidence from similar efforts in the past suggests that this does not result in a simple substitution for local shelter animals.

Further, "high-profile" animals become ambassadors for homeless animals generally, and often precipitate the adoption of additional shelter animals. We have shelters in the U.S. asking to receive our animals because the interest draws additional adopters to their shelter where they will adopt more animals than we will be providing to them.