Rescuing & rehabilitating raptors in China

IFAW established a Raptor Rescue Center in Beijing to care for wild birds of prey that are sick or injured, or were confiscated from illegal traders.

The center is situated within the Beijing Normal University campus and has five full-time staff with veterinary and rehabilitation skills. Since it opened in December 2001, the center has rescued more than 3,300 raptors--falcons, hawks, eagles, vultures--more than 30 species. In 2010, an unprecedented 67 percent of rescued birds were successfully released back into the wild.

As important, the Raptor Rescue Center has enhanced awareness about wildlife conservation among the Chinese people and motivated law enforcement agencies to crack down on illegal wildlife trade.

Why Beijing?

Beijing is home to many species of raptors. It’s also on a major migration route for many raptors.

But raptors’ living space has been shrinking due to human activity and rapid urban expansion. At the same time, the illegal trade in raptors has led to more poaching, which is also a serious threat to raptor survival.